Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wait... Death Isn't Funny

Oh, but it will be... It willl beee....

Several months ago, I gathered up some enthusiastic fellow writers to start a book about death. Why death? Well, because I gathered these writers (and artists) from the pool of talented freelancers over at Cracked.com, which I am proud to say, I am a part of, with the original intention of writing a book on zombies. It turns out the Cracked.com book (which was the catalyst for this book. See, I won't be in the Cracked book, and rather than whining, I decided to create my own opportunity) is about zombies, so that was out.

So I decided, why not death? We're all funny people (on the team) and everyone has some tie to death; after all, it's coming for us some day. Even you. (sorry)

So why the blog? Just to keep folks up to date, in case you care. If not... Well then I have no idea what you are doing here. Maybe because I am just so entertaining (probably not).

At any rate, I hope this proves to be fun to follow; not everything here will be related to the book; I will probably post a bunch of random junk I find while researching it (and my other book). Most likely a lot on zombies.

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