Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dracula Ants: Even worse than Vlad Tepes

Everyone knows Bram Stoker drew inspiration and the name "Dracula" from the old Walachian lord Vlad Tepes, who liked to have Turks impaled in large groups to show other Turks that they should really stop coming up into Hungary.

Deadliest Warrior gives you a really good idea just how fucking awful it would have been to die this way, so you may be wondering how I could possibly compare something to a guy who did that and say it was worse. I give you Adetomyrma venatrix, the Dracula Ant.

They aren't very big, but then, they don't need to be. They make up for their lack of size in sheer evil. See, the Dracula ants have a very peculiar method of feeding, and by "peculiar" I mean "so horrible that there is no punishment just enough to pay one back for this."

You see, Dracula ants derive their name from, you guessed it, their propensity for drinking blood. While that in and of itself isn't completely terrible, who they drink the blood from is. They get it from their kids. Dracula ants bore holes in their larva in order to drink the juices inside, and the kids don't like it. Rather than just sitting around passively allowing the workers to open them up and drink them, the larva try their damndest to get away. That's right, the baby ants know fear.

Kind of makes your own parents seem pretty awesome by comparison, doesn't it?

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