Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh, the ironicness

I have not posted anything in weeks, and when I finally do, it's because I wrote an article about Immortality, and then linked it to my blog about Death. As Bart Simpson said, the ironing is delicious. Basically, science is offering us several alternatives to dying in the coming century, which is pretty cool. Except...

The world is still filled with bullets, rogue waves and scary foreigners who apparently want to kill us all (every country has someone who hates them for no apparent reason. Like to fucking Lilliputians.... God I hate those smug, Gulliver kidnapping assholes....) Of course, why would anyone want to live forever? After all, movies like The Highlander and Wolverine show us why it could suck, but there is an important consideration to be had here; those movies involve that one-off guy who can't die, as opposed to an entire society that decided not to. There's a pretty big difference.

In the second case, there is not that heartbreak because the love of your life turned into a feeble old coot who once baked the cat in a flurry of utter culinary confusion brought on by senility; she is right there with you, outliving trees and marveling that when you were in your first century of life, dogs didn't yet control Haiti and speak fluent Esperanto. It completely changes the game.

Add to that, we have huge advancements in military tech that is significantly increasing the survivability of our troops, on those odd occasions that we wind up actually having to send them. We have UVS and unmanned ground vehicles in the works, not to mention power armor and DARPA trying to make genetic enhancements to our guys and girls in the military that will turn them into super-humans.

So, it looks like immortality will probably A. happen (and soon. ish.) and B. not be the Highlander type where you can jump off a sky scraper or play RoboCop cosplay with actual criminals, but at least that whole peeing yourself and forgetting your kid's names thing will be a thing of the past, or at least only a problem after your weekly drinking binge.


  1. This was moderately incoherent. Arso, not gratle funnhy.

  2. Sorry, I speak English so I am not sure exactly what you were attempting to say. If you do too, then I would recommend using your fingers to type and not your elbows next time. It makes you easier to understand.